SonReal on Exclaim! TV's Sweet 16s

SonReal on Exclaim! TV's Sweet 16s
Although many people assume that SonReal's music is a revelation of his emotional vulnerabilities, he's doing nothing more than being himself, which has earned the emcee popularity and respect as an artist. For this episode of Exclaim! TV's Sweet 16s, we collaborated with Reign Media to bring the Vancouver emcee to spit what he thinks are the sweetest 16 bars (or in this case, 24 bars) he's written so far.

But before sharing some exclusive rhymes, SonReal talks to host King Reign about the personal history behind creating "real" lyrics, revealing how skateboarding introduced him to life-changing musical influences. He later describes the importance of music as a vehicle to express his emotions and explore his creative identity.

Watch the episode below and be sure to pick up a copy of Son Real's latest For the Town EP.

Hosted by King Reign
Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Jordan Rapps
Audio by Marcus Blomgren
Edited by Jordan Rapps