Sook-Yin Lee Pays Tribute to the Late Adam Litovitz with 'jooj two'

Watch a video for the record's lead single "Run Away with Her"
Sook-Yin Lee Pays Tribute to the Late Adam Litovitz with 'jooj two'
Back in 2015, Sook-Yin Lee and Adam Litovitz introduced the world to their project Jooj, releasing a self-titled album of ethereal electroacoustic works. Sadly, Litovitz passed away in 2019, but Lee is now paying tribute to late collaborative partner with a new album called jooj two.

Described as "an unapologetic dive into playful art-pop and a document of a lost language between lovers," jooj two will arrive on April 9 via Mint Records. Rather than release the album as Jooj, however, the project is now simply being titled Sook-Yin Lee & Adam Litovitz.

A press release explains the upcoming album's origins like this:

While financial difficulties and external pressures contributed to the end of their romantic relationship, Sook-Yin and Adam remained best friends and creative partners. As he was busy making music for a Netflix series, Adam gave Sook-Yin his blessing to continue working on their second album without him. Increasingly, Adam struggled with anxiety and depression, compounded by a prescription drug dependency that exacerbated insomnia and pain. Tragically, he died by suicide June 16, 2019.

Adam's passing was a profound loss for Sook-Yin and so many who loved him. Sook-Yin saw pieces of Adam's irrepressible spirit — as well as the story of their relationship — contained within the music they had recorded for jooj two and was determined to share it with the world. With the assistance of mixer Steve Chahley (U.S. Girls, Badge Époque Ensemble, Darlene Shrugg) Sook-Yin completed the album and will release it this spring.

For an idea of what to expect, Lee has shared the album track "Run Away with Her," which has arrived alongside a video.

In a statement, Lee said the following:

Adam and I recorded music in our home studio. We loved to take our time like a couple of gardeners tilling soil in a field of music. It's been strange navigating life since his death. The video for our song "Run Away with Her" is an homage to our long-time creative and loving relationship. In desolate streets of Toronto, I search for my missing half. Despite isolation, what transpires is bittersweet liberation and union. Leaving behind the noise of the city, I make my way to the shores of Lake Ontario, where sun and water, and a duck swimming by, embody Adam. I breathe him in.

Watch the video for "Run Away with Her" below, and pre-order jooj two.