Spek Won on Exclaim! TV's 'Sweet 16s'

Spek Won on Exclaim! TV's 'Sweet 16s'
Toronto-based rapper Spek Won has been called one of the city's best-kept secrets; even BlogTO recognized the artist as one "five of the most underrated hip hop artists from Toronto." However, with the release of his first proper full-length album, Sofa King Amazing, earlier this spring, the MC forced his way to the front of the scene and released the poignant "Black Body" music video to cement his place there.

We invited Spek Won to the Exclaim! HQ to film an episode of Sweet 16s, produced in collaboration with Reign Media. In the video below, the rapper treats us to what he thinks are his sweetest 16 bars, which come from the Sofa King Amazing cut "The Yurugu."

"I feel like out of all the songs on my album, that song embodied and captured a certain moment in my life so vividly," he says of the track, "to the point where every time I perform it now, I can go right back there..."

Before busting out the bars, Spek Won offers up some other interesting personal tidbits and insights. Watch Spek Won and King Reign talk Wu-Tang, Toronto's West End and white rappers in the interview below.

Hosted by King Reign
Filmed by Katherine Kwan
Edited by Katherine Kwan