The Spits Return with Album No. 5

The Spits Return with Album No. 5
In their 15-year career, Seattle-based punks the Spits have carved out a unique sound by combining Ramones melodies with cheap keyboards and raw rock'n'roll. This fall, they'll continue their reign over the genre with the release of their fifth proper album.

Like their previous four full-lengths, the fifth Spits long-player is also self-titled. As a press release explains, "these 12 new action-packed songs of apocalyptic, fuzzed-out, over-driven madness do not disappoint."

The Spits will be available on CD or vinyl on October 25 via In the Red. The tracklisting is available below and that's the cover above.

The Spits:

1. "All I Want"
2. "My Mess"
3. "Tomorrow's Children"
4. "Electric Brain"
5. "Fed Up"
6. "Fallout Beach"
7. "My Life Sucks"
8. "I'm Scum"
9. "Brick By Brick"
10. "Acid Rain"
11. "Wanna Be ADD"
12. "Last Man On Earth"