Swallows Turning Blue

Prior to becoming the Blue Rodeo's drummer with the dreamy blue eyes that makes all the girls all weak in the knees, Glenn Milchem was the drummer with the dreamy blue eyes for hard-hitting independent rock outfit Change of Heart. Moonlighting from his day job, Milchem embarked on a solo project, the Swallows, which recaptures the gritty spark of his punk days. His debut album, Turning Blue, shows that he's more than just another pretty face. Milchem played most of the instruments for this impressive debut, which blends big pop melodies and distorted guitars. The best tracks on the album, including the title track and "Volcanic and Misplaced," showcase a strong sense of pop songwriting. Turning Blue also contains a couple of thrashers, which thrive on the urgency of the performance but pale in comparison to the fully formed songs that make this CD a modest triumph. (Outside)