Taylor Swift Reveals Who the Famous Baby Is on "Gorgeous"

Taylor Swift Reveals Who the Famous Baby Is on 'Gorgeous'
Photo: Rick Clifford
Taylor Swift drops Reputation today (November 10), and with the arrival of the album, rabid fans have been poring over the liner notes and sharing their finds online. Thanks to those dedicated Swifties, we now know exactly which famous baby lent her vocals to the opening gurgle on "Gorgeous."
As it turns out, the featured kiddo is the spawn of (reluctant looking) Hiddleswift couple friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.
Their two-year-old daughter, James, can be heard muttering the song's title word, before the bubbly pop beat kicks in and Swift takes the vocal lead.
Rumours that the baby was Lively and Reynolds' have been swirling since both actors liked a teaser for the song on Swift's Instagram last month, and now the album liner notes have put any other fan theories to rest.
Reputation is out today (November 10), though it's still unclear when the record will hit streaming services; the album is available for purchase on CD and double picture disc vinyl via Umusic. Listen to Swift and baby James' "Gorgeous" collab below.