Today Is the Day Sign to Southern Lord for 'Animal Mother'

Today Is the Day Sign to Southern Lord for 'Animal Mother'
Following Today Is the Day's big 20th anniversary tour last year, the noise rock vets have announced they're getting back to business and delivering a new LP for Southern Lord in 2014.

A press release confirms that the Steve Austin-led trio have inked a deal with the feted metal imprint to release their 10th full-length studio effort, Animal Mother. Details on the LP have yet to arrive in full, but the record features the current lineup of founding guitarist/vocalist Austin, new bassist Sean Conkling (Regression, Burn Your Halo, Sprawl) and returning drummer Jeff Lohrber.

The rhythm section tracked their contributions at Austin's Recording and Mastering Studio in Maine over the winter, while the bandleader is currently adding guitars, vocals and more. The sessions should be complete sometime this month, and the record is expected in late 2014.

While info on the songs has yet to be delivered, Austin described the upcoming LP as "a 15-song rampage of bloody carnage fueled by hate, love and vile, raw emotion."

A statement has him adding that Animal Mother is the most "complex and heavy" record the group have made yet, and that stylistically is sits somewhere between their 1997 album Temple of the Morning Star and 1999's In the Eyes of God.

Upcoming info on Animal Mother, from release date to tracklisting to album cover, will be unveiled once the album is completed later this month. Global tour info will also be delivered at a later time.

While Today Is the Day haven't issued a proper LP since 2011's Pain Is a Warning, the band did drop their crushing "Sick of Your Mouth" single in 2013.