Watch the Sword Cover Rush's "Working Man"

CanCon, doom metal style
Watch the Sword Cover Rush's 'Working Man'
Before the pandemic upended live music, the Sword were set to accompany Primus for a tour on which the headliners would perform Rush's A Farewell to Kings album in its entirety. Seeing as those dates won't happen until 2021, the Texas outfit have dove even further into Canadian trio's catalogue for a cover of their own.

As the final instalment of their Conquest Of Quarantine lockdown session series, the Sword have covered "Working Man" from Rush's 1974 self-titled debut album. No matter how many times you've heard the song's grinding riff as rock stations up north strive to meet their CanCon requirements, it sounds right at home in the band's C-standard tuning.

As bassist Bryan Richie recalled in a statement, the group had first come upon some Rush catalogue entries in C-standard decades earlier.

"In the early 2000s we were given a CD by one of [guitarist Kyle Shutt's] record store buddies with SLUSH scrawled across it and little did we know what a wild ride awaited us," he said. "This dude had taken his favorite Rush songs and dropped the pitch control on his record player as low as it would go - taking these classic RUSH tracks and turning them into a C standard sludge fest with the most air drumable drums!! Does it doom? Heck yes it does."

The Sword's most recent album remains 2018's Used Future